Mercury Retrograde, Oh My!





STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!      This is the same warning I hear three to four times a year when we are once again at that point when our humble Messenger turns around and goes into its retrograde phase.

First off, for those who are unfamiliar with the astrological concepts and archetypes associated with the planets, let’s start off with a quick introduction!    Meet Mercury!


Mercury, also known as Hermes in Greek mythology, is essentially the paperboy of the gods and embodied by the first planet of our solar system.  As the Divine Messenger, Mercury represents the capacity for communication, insight, clarity, intellect, rationality, and the attributed element of Air.  For most of the year, the Mercury emanates these particularly beneficial energies to aid us as we tap into this energetic stream.

Now, what may be frustrating and downright antagonizing for many people is the times of year when the winds of Mercury grow turbulent and the planet begins its retrograde phase.  The retrograde is the time of year, varying for each planet as they each revolve in differing velocities, when any of the planets appear to spiral in the inverse direction that they normally turn.  Energetically speaking, this involves a perceived dramatic shift in the energetic nature of the planet.

Mercury retrograde is highly commonly viewed as a time period when effective communication is apt to fail, commerce or business could dwindle, new projects should not be started, and in the extrapolated viewpoint it is perceived as an overall bad omen for life.  That being said, beware, we have now entered Mercury Retrograde today until September 22…..

I, however, declare this notion as false to a relative degree.  I’m a firm believer in the concept of self-fulfilling prophecies; the issues that arise for many during this time period is a result of accepting this perception and attempting to fight against the turbulent energetic current Mercury is releasing.  Yes, communication and all of Mercury’s attributes may be affected by the shift however this is by no means an auspicious period, it is a time to also shift your methods of thinking and reason.  Life at many times dictates a shift in mental posture to adapt to varying situations, a change from your psychological and emotional comfort zones to learn new methods to express oneself and communicate effectively.  This retrograde emphasizes the importance of understanding that we do not live in a static reality; it ebbs and flows, requiring of us to cope and adapt.  I’m not simply talking about “thinking positively” and “just being happy,” I’m talking about actively engaging oneself to take each thought, each decision, each doubt, fear, and potential misunderstanding and imposing upon yourself a new method of rationalizing through each situation.  Put aside the platitudes and focus on active personal cognizance.  Communication involves much personal creativity, as your methods of communication are a manifestation of your experiences and personality, and the retrograde period calls on us to reignite that inner creativity so we may learn new techniques to rationalize our situations.



The energies of the Mercury are never inherently against our best interest, even in retrograde.  Personal growth and evolution do not come for free nor without a struggle; it is on us to actualize our potential.

I welcome you to not fight against the flow of the retrograde but to embrace it, relish it, and allow your paradigms,  perceived rationality, and thought patterns to be reshaped in the whirling dervish that is Mercury Retrograde.  May your thoughts be set free!


May the winds of change bless you all!








Cheers to a Year and a Half Hiatus

I’m back!  This blog I created had been nearly been forgotten and has definitely gathered a few cobwebs.  Although I’ve kept up with my personal journal I’ve let this outlet slide by forgotten.

This year and a half has definitely brought many a number of changes in my life personally, interpersonal-wise, and spiritually.  I’ve grown and matured as an individual, made mistakes and learned from them, and have grown more stable in my domicile.

My relationship with my partner has grown and strengthened in varied ways and we continue to learn and grow alongside each other –  a bright future expected for the both us together.

Spiritually this year of 2016 has particularly been one of much growth and change.  The Tarot, Morrighan, and the spirits have called for change to be made in my life in all arenas; they have granted me the tools necessary to catalyze and employ the changes in my life that must be made.  The call for internal evolution to release the stress and anxiety that have followed me for quite some time have been heeded.  The Shadows of my past and present have been confronted and are no longer in the back-burner of my mind – they have been confronted, accepted, and resolved.  To say the least, this has granted a sense of calm and well-being.  I aspire to maintain this calm and continue to progress to where the spirits are guiding me.

The most recent development and calling I’ve accepted is the transition to begin my own small consultation business: The Hedge’s End Consultations.  It is a business endeavor into the spiritual counseling and the provision of spiritual services including: counsel and advice, cleansings and banishings, spellwork, astrology, and divination services such as  Tarot.  We shall see how this develops and hopefully the business cards I purchased turn out well!…Whenever they arrive in the mail.


Ragnarok_by_Paint201aNo, this is not your average blog post on about Ragnarok from Norse myth.  Today is my day off from work and I’ve just been relaxing and enjoying the nice weather at a coffee shop, reading blogs, articles, and enjoying my own space.  I stumbled upon an article from The Wild Hunt about honeybees and the series of circumstances the author has had involving honeybees (read it, it is a fantastic blog post).  I don’t know why but part of the blog post talking about the dream the author had with a spirit woman brought back memories of a dream I had several years ago.  Where this dream came from, I have no idea and it’s a dream that comes to my mind every now and then, and although I have a few ideas of what it may mean, I still don’t fully understand it.


In my dream I found myself viewing myself outside my body (3rd perspective overhead view) in a massively dense tropical rainforest beside a rustic dirt road.  I was looking around to see my surrounding and the only thing visible other than jungle was a medium-large black reptile with gray and red markings.  It looked like an iguana but the word Salamander was buzzing through my mind.

As I looked at the lizard perched on a tree and slowly descending down the tree towards the dirt road, I heard a voice whisper to me its name is Kuala Lumpur (capital of Malaysia, but a word of unknown origin that translates to “muddy uncleared forest”), the voice told me it is a manifestation of this land, of Earth, of Nature, and all is alive because it is alive.

As the salamander slowly walked toward the dirt road, I could see a Jeep driving quickly in the distance towards us with a cloud of dust trailing behind.  As it approached and passed by my body, I saw it attempt to veer to the side to avoid hitting the salamander but still crushed the back side of its body.  I ran toward the salamander and as I approached it everything went silent, a ominous, deafening silence (if that makes sense) that doesn’t or at least shouldn’t occur in a jungle.  The salamander wasn’t dead but it lay there badly injured and slowly dying.  In that moment, a man ran out from the forest from where the salamander came from screaming and crying hysterically for this dying creature, his tears and sobbing was echoed by the forest itself – everything began to cry, I began to cry, even the sky cried as it began to rain.  The man stood up, wiped his eyes and looked directly at me.  The rain stopped falling but just stood there, floating in the air and it felt as though as though every single creature in the forest had it’s gaze fixed on me.  In unison, the man, the voice from the beginning of the dream, and the forest itself whispered “Ragnarok.”


The forest simply vanished from my sight and I found myself in a concrete fountain plaza in some large city and I could see people using some sort of technology allowing them to control and manifest energy or light into their hands and around them.  There was an extremely high military presence.  It was beyond bizarre, but it was almost like a not-to-distant future.  At the center of the plaza I saw the man from the forest carrying the almost dead salamander in his arms.  As I approached him a voice in the air said these exact words to the man, “Take it inside of you and the Earth shall have her vengeance.”  The man rose his arms and the salamander over his had and pulled it towards him, the salamander fused into him, and as the creature disappeared into the mans body the land around him began to die.  The concrete began to shatter and the exposed earth underneath literally looked like it was dying or decomposing.  The death radiated around him igniting any green grass, trees, shrubbery into violent flames.  The sky went black and the elements of air, earth, fire, and water literally took corporeal form and began attacking the people of the city and everything manmade around me.


I forced myself awake covered in sweat and tears running down my face as it became simply horrifying what I was witnessing and right as I woke up I heard a whisper in my ear say, “Kuala Lumpur.”


I’ve had this dream written down in my Book of Shadows since that morning I awoke from my dream.  Hence why I can go into such detail right now.  I’ve had some crazy vivid lucid dreams, but this was one of the most intensely foreboding I’ve had thus to date.  Who knows, maybe it was a warning from the other side.

O is for Owl! Hoot!


The owl.  Beautiful, mysterious bird of prey and a real pain in my ass.  I few months ago I moved out of the city of Milwaukee to a smaller city on the outskirts with my boyfriend.  It’s an area with a little more nature than the city had to offer.  Last week, for 3 nights prior to the New Moon, an owl perched itself in the tree right outside my window and would just hoot for hours.  I’ve hear owls regularly since moving here but this time it was very different.

I had already been feeling rather “off” and unbalanced between daily stressors, work, relationship stuff, and some minor anxiety but that first night as I lay in bed on Facebook relaxing for bed, I hear the hooting of an owl and it sent shivers down my spine.  I couldn’t see the owl but I could definitely feel its presence VERY strongly, almost as if it were attempting to communicate with me.  It was very unsettling.

The owl is said to be a representative or messenger of impending change, but also of mystery, magick, and other feel-good things.  This didn’t feel good, this was malaise.  But then again, I’m an occasionally stuck in the mud Taurus and anything that threatens to bring change unsettles me to a greater or lesser degree – mores if I don’t already foresee/expect said change.

Anywho, the next day I did a minor cleansing ritual for myself in a small nature reserve near my apartment and was gifted my first staff by the spirits of the forest….after I was swarmed by mosquitos ironically after giving a plant offering to the fae of the forest.  Sure, take my blood, jerks..  But the staff is awesome and I’m in love with it!  But anyways, after my cleansing I did a reading for myself with my Enochian Scrying Tarot (complicated and unorthodox tarot deck, but fantastically accurate…sort of) and several cards in both readings spoke of change, impending change, forces of change, change change and more freaking change..oh, and the oh-so-obliquitous “wait” card; along with the New Moon that represents new beginnings and change.

But, I’ll just be a good Pagan and keep my aura and living space cleansed and I’ll wait for this “change” I’m supposed to expect thanks to my little owl messenger friend.  Am I worried about it?  Not really, I’m just annoyed with vagueness.  Who knows, rather than expecting natural change brought about by itself and the flow of time, maybe there is something I myself have to change.  But as the end of my daily mantra/prayer goes, “…I accept the changes the Universe brings as I walk in the path of the Divine Forgotten…”  Owls!

Returning, Changes, and Dragons

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything on here..a long while.
Needless to say I’ve been occupied to say the least between the school semester coming to an end and now work having taken over my life once again.

Life has definitely drastically changed; between purchasing my first car, having it totaled 4 days later by someone man running a red light, frantically searching for a second car before I would move a week and a half later to a new city with my boyfriend. Fortunately, the Universe seems to favor me, sometimes, and that situation ultimately worked to my benefit! Moved to a smaller city outside of Milwaukee and I’ve been accustoming myself to life with my partner in a place I don’t know a soul. Even though my old life is just a 25 minute drive, it’s still a drastic change for someone used to city life and having my social circles close by. It’s going well, and other than the occasional, expected boredom, I have no complaints!

Spiritually, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster to say the least. Mercury retrograde was not kind to me. Psychically speaking, it kind of knocked me flat on my ass and reminded me the importance of staying grounded, connected, and routinely up-keeping my cleansing regimen. There a week-long span of dreams that began with the onset of Mercury Retrograde that developed into a full blown spiritual attack (well, it was moreso a not-so-benevolent spirit taunting me in a dream, note I’m a lucid dreamer and have full control of my consciousness in my dreams, and then making odd noises in my room). Needless to say, I gave myself a couple days to reconnect with my ancestors and a particular fire dragon spirit I befriended a few months back to help me exorcise my apartment and banish the bloody hell out of that spirit that came into my dreams.

Sure, some would say I shouldn’t just banish right away but rather try to see what it/they want; however, as soon as I’m taunted in my dreams and have my ability to speak in a dream literally taken away as I attempt to banish it, well..the gloves are coming off and I dare for it to ever attempt to enter my home again. It’s nice to know that in moments like that, the spirits close to me are there for protection.

As for dragons: I’ve never been one to really dabble with them or other-worldly spirits however I made the acquaintance of a draconic spirit of fire, whom I will from here on out refer to as ‘R’ during a meditation into the realm of fire (I was going back to basics and reconnected with each individual element, something I find important for all to do sometimes) and I haven’t beheld it’s image since then until the Summer Solstice when once of the members of our Circle did a dragon blessing on all the participants (she identifies herself as a dragon shaman, and she’s a damn good one too). As she cast her blessing and rung a bell, the crimson and gold face of ‘R’ appeared in front of my closed eyes and breathed fire at me, I immediately felt VERY warm.. It was a fantastic sensation as I haven’t connected with ‘R’ that strongly in quite a while.

Unlike other spirits who are much more ready and available, it seems to me as though dragons appear and reappear as they so wish and to the intensity they desire. They are far wiser than living human beings and I believe they can see directly into our souls and see us for who we truly are. ‘R’, whose name transliterates from multiple languages to “Magnificent/Splendorous Wandering Force” is just that, a being that appears when it wants but when it does join when I welcome it into my workings, ‘R’ will take a blessing or cleansing and magnify the energy like a raging fire. At least that’s how I perceive this particular spirit and I look forward to fostering this friendship.

For those of you who have or had interest in working with dragons, I highly recommend it if you’re up for the challenge! I think it’s just fascinating that they truly exist in the astral realms.


PS: If you happen to dream that you’re in a beautiful beachlike area and you see a small island on a sandbar with a cherry blossom tree growing in the center, don’t go to it. There will be 3 pink-haired sirens waiting for you. Unless you can’t be seduced by women, like myself, then you’ll be fine. And no, I have not seen any anime with pink-haired characters lately.. lol.

PBP Week 6….and 5.. – Ceromancy

Sorry for the week-long delay in posting an article.. Moving and school took over my life the last week and a half.  Anyhow, I’d like to write today about a form of divination that I personally enjoy, when I want to work my intuition “muscles,” called Ceromancy, or simply wax divinationil_570xN.447212430_5uhc.

The proper definition of Ceromancy is thus: a method of divination using a candle. The candle is lit and the flame examined for clues to the mood and energy surrounding the situation and then the wax is allowed to drip into a bowl of cold water or sometimes onto a piece of paper. The practitioner examines the shapes formed by the melted wax and makes predictions based on his or her interpretation of the shapes.
Now, the definition also explains the divination art of pyromancy – divining through a flame.  I personally feel both pyromancy and ceromancy go hand in hand when a candle is involved.  The flame is the catalyst for whatever spell or ‘work’ you’re doing and the candle’s wax acts as the fuel to sustain the spell until completion.  Fire represents the manifestation of the energies you are invoking and that energy is sustained by the wax of the candle.
When using the wax of a candle to divine, there are a few ways you can go about doing it: reading how fast/slow the wax melts, how the wax dribbles down the candle, really absolutely any physical change you see occurring with the melted wax, et cetera.  Those are all dandy and you can discern the way you would like to divine as your intuition commands, however those have never really worked for me.  I pay attention to any changes that occur with the flame of the candle and intuit the ‘status’ of my spell/invocation and after I finish, I use the molten wax accumulated in the crater of the candle and dribble some of it into a bowl of water.  Note: if you do it this way, be sure to cleanse the water (I don’t mean via reverse osmosis or a brand new bottle of Ice Mountain) with salt, sage, cedar, and any other cleansing apparatuses you may employ in your practice!


Based on what shapes the wax forms in the bowl of water I discern what the sign may mean.  This is the tricky part because it really depends on what kind of diviner you personally are: divination through intuition, divination through archetypes and pre-established symbolism, or a blend of both as am I.

Honestly, sometimes you just get a glob of crap that doesn’t look like anything, but play around with it and even break the wax that solidified if you want.  Not everything in life will be cut and dry nor readily visible as the signs may appear in whatever way they want and not necessarily how our minds instantly interpret them.  Use your imagination, play with the wax (you’re allowed to touch the water and pick up the wax haha..if you’re in a circle you yourself have cast then you probably don’t need to worry about affecting anything since it’s your own energy in the circle anyways..).

Ceromancy is a highly abstract form of divination that requires a strong intuition, lots of patience, a strong imagination, and really thinking outside of the box.  Whereas tarot and runes tend to have the meanings of each individual card/rune already pre-established and allows a bit of wiggle room for interpretation via intuition..unless you’re a reader that ignores the card meanings and intuits the whole thing.  Then, I applaud thee for thou art better than I!! Hahaha!
In a nutshell, that is Ceromancy and how I employ it!  Remember: have fun with it, be patient, and when all you get is a glob of meaningless crap then laugh! The gods are probably laughing at..*cough* with you as well.

~Blessings to you all and excuse my sarcasm throughout the post, I’ve been feeling a bit sarcastic and snarky today~  =)

PS: Here is a wonderful little link to a website that has some definitions of various symbology to look out for when divining through candle wax!

PBP Week 3 – Baneful Herbs – Belladonna

    Atropa belladonna – commonly known as Belladonna and Deadly Nightshade – is my chosen blog topic for this week’s post for the Pagan Blog Project.  Belladonna is one of the “baneful” herbs due to it’s toxic qualities and it’s ‘repulsive’ spiritual qualities – however, not repulsive as in synonymous with ‘grotesque’ or ‘appalling.’
    Atropa belladonna receives it’s taxonomical naming from the Greek work Atropos and the Latin bella donna.  Atropos in Greek mythology is one of the sisters of fate who dealt with the determination of one’s death and the cutting of one’s thread of life.  The words ‘bella donna’ directly translates to ‘beautiful lady/woman,’ thus when combined: ‘the deadly, beautiful woman/lady’; or as another alliteration: ‘the beautiful woman to whom fate/death beckons.’  I love linguistics and studied it in university.  It is of important note that should anyone consider doing any work with the baneful herbs, in this case Belladonna, take extreme care when handling any part of this plant as it is all poisonous, especially the roots, and it only takes a touch of the plant to develop symptoms.  Even if the plant has been dried, pulverized, etcetera – the poison remains present.  This is something a good friend of mine learned as this plant grows naturally in her backyard and she didn’t know what it was, she simply thought those were harmless, beautiful flowers.  She was sick for several days after having just touched the flowers and leaves.
    Anyways, Belladonna is associated with the planet Saturn which “depicts the finite limit to our own perceptions, capabilities and life; the fixed extremes against which personal will-power and self determination prove futile.  The archetypal figure of the stoic old-man in his deathly shroud portrays the unmoving end which awaits us all, regardless of whether or not we are prepared for it. Death, after all, is an extremely limiting experience.”  The reason Saturn is associated with Belladonna is due to it’s dualistic nature which in quantity it is a deadly poison, yet in minute qualities, it carries medicinal properties.  The same in regards to it’s magickal properties: purification, exorcism, banishing and protection/spell reversal – trancing on the light and darker spectrums of magick.  Some cultures and paths see Belladonna as favorable to beauty/sex magick or for Lunar magick.  Of course, as with most herbs, its association really depends on what your spiritual background is and what your intuition tells you as different authors may have different associations to any particular herb.
    The baneful herbs can be potent additions to any herbal craft, belladonna particularly in my opinion and practice although, again, please please please exert caution and do your research before you handle any of the baneful herbs.  Some are only slightly toxic, while others such as Belladonna are highly toxic.  And as always, for those – like myself – whose paths this relates to, “If it harms none, do as you will!”  Or… just do as you will if that’s your fancy…as long as it is within the bounds of the law…and general non-craziness.